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Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
behalf of joanne and jeff thomas jennifer, judith, jimmy, and the entire kemp family, if jack were here today, he would tell you that our best days are here and ahead. thank you, and i welcome jimmy back to the statge. [applause]> >> i inherited something else from my dad decides his voice. when of the top things we do is that we work with enterprise identifying the leaders in our humanities -- immunities -- you tease nities.- commu we're going to help bring together the folks who are doing the work that matters. the work at the margin of society so that we can bring together congressional, senate, republicans, and democrats to listen and hear what is actually working and then improve the policies and the legislation that they want to push forward. that will be essential to the move -- to the new movement. it is time for us to get engage and be active. thank you for helping me out. i appreciate it. you have all been more than patient. marco, the thing that struck me the most is the need for more ladders. but we cannot just have one ladder. there needs to be multiple ladders. the st
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm EST
right makes the majority, it's the gentleman from arizona, jeff flake. and mr. speaker, i have no doubt whatsoever that the other body will never be the same. when the gentleman from arizona steps in to that other chamber. and because of his leadership, many come here and serve, they speak with eloquence, they represent their values, they represent their constituents, but, mr. speaker, not all that many leave this institution and can look themselves in the mirror and know they have made a difference. the gentleman from arizona has made a difference in the people's house than have the people's money been spent. mr. speaker, it's a challenging time in our nation's history. there's much turmoil. i know many may question madison's mad genius in providing for this thing called divided government. it's sloppy, it's messy, it gets a little noisy. it's not always efficient, but it has produced the greatest, freest, most prosperous republic in the history of mankind and that divided government is played out in this institution by nobel men and women -- noble men and women. i find my voice
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2